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Ribon cuttings

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A ribbon cutting ceremony is  a vital part of marketing your business. The Amarillo Hispanic Chamber of Commerce would be more than happy to help you celebrate a ribbon cutting ceremony.  What is a ribbon cutting?

  • Has your company moved to a new location?
  • Does your company have new ownership?
  • Has your company joined the Hispanic Chamber?
  • Are you a new company in Amarillo?
  • Is your company celebrating an anniversary?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, congratulations you qualify for a ribbon cutting ceremony!

How to schedule a ribbon cutting?

Ribbon cuttings are coordinated and scheduled with the Executive Director. They can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM unless otherwise requested. Ribbon cuttings must be scheduled two weeks in advance to ensure the best turnout. 

What occurs at a Ribbon Cutting?

We start off a ribbon cutting ceremony by networking. Once we have everyone there that needs to be, we gather everyone to cut the ribbon. The Hispanic Chamber will provide the ribbon and the giant scissors (which are very sharp). Am de Amarillo Hispanic Newspaper will take a group picture to publish on their newspaper as well as our social media. After the photo, the member has a chance to inform everyone about the services they provide and thank everyone for attending. 

Do I have to provide food and beverages?

This is your event and it is completely up to you if you would like to provide food and beverages. You don’t have to if you wish not to. If you decide to, we encourage anything as simple as cookies and soft drinks or you can hire a caterer for light hors d’oeuvres. 

Who is invited to the Ribbon Cutting?

The Hispanic Chamber will invite our Bienvenidos Committee as well as our board members. We will promote your ribbon cutting on our weekly e-newsletter and everyone is welcomed to attend. We encourage you to invite customers, friends and family as well.

To schedule a ribbon cutting for your business contact us at (806) 379 8800 or


Interested in joining our Bienvenidos (Ribbon Cutting) Committee?

BV Member Committee:

The Bienvenidos (Blue Coats) Committee is a group of volunteers who are focused on welcoming and bringing new members into the Amarillo Hispanic Chamber. The committee helps members recognize the benefits their business will experience from joining. Members of the committee are available to answer questions about membership cost and benefits. Committee members introduce new members to other business professionals in their network group. Many business relationships are formed after an introduction. Membership committee members are always on the lookout for new businesses in town and often will go to new businesses and welcome the owners into the community and invite them to explore the many benefits the Hispanic Chamber has to offer.


  • Attend Ribbon Cuttings, Open Houses, Groundbreakings and Grand Openings.
  • Monthly committee meetings to go over the schedule of events (Must attend at least 8 monthly meetings during the calendar year, unless excused)
  • Welcome new members and encourage participation in Chamber events
  • Accept responsibility for committee assignments
  • Have fun and enjoy being part of the Hispanic Chamber

Why join the BV committee?

  • Community involvement
  • Enhanced visibility with new chamber members
  • Invaluable connections with business professionals
  • Help your business grow
  • Suggest new ideas
  • Exclusive event/luncheons invites